18.10.2019 19:02
|  President

Such issues as the role of the Academy of Public Administration t in the formation of the state apparatus, improving the quality of training in cooperation with HTP and the new law on civil service were discussed today during the large dialogue between the Head of the State and students, teachers of the Academy of Public Administration.

18.10.2019 15:20
|  President

Such issues as the role of the Academy of Public Administration in forming state apparatus, training of highly qualified specialists in cooperation with HTP and new law on civil service were discussed today during the dialogue with the Head of the State.

18.10.2019 12:08
|  President

The role of the Presidential Academy of Management in the formation of the state personnel, improvement of the quality of training and cooperation with HTP was discussed by the Head of State and the students and faculty of the Academy of Management.

18.10.2019 12:04
|  Economy

Joint production of municipal equipment may appear in Novgorod Region of Russia. This was stated by the governor of the region during his visit to Minsk Automobile Plant.

18.10.2019 07:15
|  Society

Active phase of exercises Search 2019: Today, according to legend, the CSTO military will oppose the conventional adversaries.

18.10.2019 07:08
|  Society

The Belarusian border guards are ready for the World Hockey Championship 2021, which will be hosted by our country. This was stated by head of the agency Anatoli Lappo during a meeting of commanders of the CIS border troops the day before.

18.10.2019 07:03
|  Economy

Kostroma region offers cooperation in the media sphere to Belarus. This was stated by Minister of Information Alexander Karlyukevich at the meeting with the Deputy Governor of this Russian region the day before.

17.10.2019 21:12
|  Society

The country's population census continues. More than 4 million people took part in it in 14 days.  Of these, about 1,700,000 went through the Internet procedure.

17.10.2019 21:03
|  President

Dialogue through history and a long, friendly relationship. Today, the President of Belarus and the Governor of Russia's Novgorod Region discussed a number of new joint projects ranging from the development of agriculture to the construction of residential complexes and social facilities.

17.10.2019 19:08
|  Economy

Future joint projects are discussed at a working group meeting at the National Library. The cooperation with Novgorod Region is supervised by the Ministry of Architecture and Construction.

17.10.2019 15:29
|  Culture

28 paintings of Anita Meldere are exhibited in Savitsky Gallery in Minsk. A special secret of the master is color abstraction.

17.10.2019 15:27
|  Society

Minsk will have another twin-city, Turkish Eskisehir, which is a home to 1 million people. The agreement is planned to be signed during the visit of Minsk delegation to Turkey.

17.10.2019 15:20
|  President

The development of agriculture, cooperation and supply of engineering products is planned by Minsk and Novgorod regions. The President discussed new projects today with the Governor of the region Andrei Nikitin.

17.10.2019 15:17
|  Economy

On Wednesday, Zhodino industrialists signed a contract for the delivery of 77 dump trucks. The trucks will operate in an open pit coal mine, one of the largest in India.

17.10.2019 12:12
|  President

The President stated that Minsk is open for the dialogue with Novgorod Region on all matters of interest during the meeting with Governor Andrey Nikitin.

17.10.2019 08:07
|  Society

The 71st largest book fair opened in Frankfurt. The Belarusian book publishers will take part in it. The forum will feature more than 500 books on various topics, the Ministry of Information of our country announced.

17.10.2019 08:03
|  World

The light festival in Wuhan was dedicated to the opening of the VII World War Games, which will be held tomorrow. The military personnel from more than one hundred countries will take part in the competitions.

17.10.2019 07:20
|  Politics

Today is the last day of registration of potential candidates for the House of Representatives. Over 700 people applied for a deputy position.

17.10.2019 07:01
|  Society

The reconnaissance groups searched for the enemy and developed a plan of fire defeat of the enemy. The Search-2019 military exercise reached the final stage of the maneuvers.

16.10.2019 21:33
|  Society

The President has repeatedly reminded the Government and the State Control Committee of the need to act decisively and move away from intermediary structures in all areas.

16.10.2019 21:10
|  Politics

The ODIHR/OSCE Mission began observing elections in Belarus. The long-term observers from the international structure came to Minsk.

16.10.2019 13:14
|  President

This was announced today to journalists by the Chairman of the State Control Committee. Leonid Anfimov noted that the document is now considered by the head of state.

16.10.2019 13:05
|  Society

From this date onwards, travelers will be able to enter and exit through any of these regions' checkpoints and stay there for up to 15 days.

16.10.2019 12:08
|  Sport

Belarus U-19 national football team achieved the first victory within the qualification for the European Championship. Our team won 2-0 over Andorra.