23.04.2019 19:26
|  President

The President honored today our weightlifting team, which triumphantly performed at the European Championships in Batumi: 19 awards, two European records, 15 records of Belarus and the second place in the medal standings! Alexander Lukashenko highly appreciated the work of the athletes, stressing that the bar was raised highly.

23.04.2019 19:15
|  Sport

At the start of the tournament in Stuttgart Victoria Azarenka will play with Vera Zvonareva from Russia, and not with Garbiñe Muguruza.

23.04.2019 19:10
|  Society

As noted by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus, this figure is rapidly increasing in all directions. Most of the crimes are associated with theft by using computer technology.

23.04.2019 19:02
|  Economy

As stated by the Belarusian Oil Company today, our country expects to start importing an alternative to Russian oil through the ports of the Baltic countries or Ukraine by the end of this year.

23.04.2019 17:00
|  Economy

The supply of low-quality raw materials through the Unecha-Polotsk pipeline was stopped on time. The contaminated oil was sent to the reservoir park of the Polotsk-Transneft Druzhba enterprise.

23.04.2019 15:20
|  Sport

2 types of cycling races will be organized in the central streets of Minsk! The movement will be limited on certain roads from 22 to 25 June.

23.04.2019 15:03
|  Economy

Belarus has suspended the export of light petroleum products to Poland, Ukraine and the Baltic countries until the issue of low-quality Russian oil is resolved.

23.04.2019 12:01
|  Sport

Nineteen awards, two European records, fifteen records of Belarus and second place in the medal standings! President Alexander Lukashenko today honored the national team in weightlifting in our country for  triumph at the European Championships in Batumi.

23.04.2019 09:00
|  Economy

The company is  counting  real losses. The cost of repair is not yet clear. The problem was caused by poor-quality Russian oil.

23.04.2019 08:00
|  Society

The Belarusian designers were invited for the show as well.  Russian silhouette is a fashionable part of Moscow Film Festival.

23.04.2019 07:03
|  Economy

It happened due to the gradual removal of barriers for Belarusian goods to the Chinese market. Thus, in 2018, our exports immediately increased by 20 percent.

23.04.2019 07:00
|  Sport

On June 8, at Borisov Arena, the Belarusians will play versus  Germany. The price varies from 15 to 70 rubles. Also, on Borisov Arena,  on June 11 our team will play with Northern Ireland.

22.04.2019 21:27
|  Economy

Last year alone, trade volumes between countries crossed the $ 150 million mark. The prospects for bilateral partnership were discussed today in the Council of the Republic.

22.04.2019 21:12
|  Economy

Belarus is actively strengthening ties in the Eurasian direction. In the coming days, the second Belt and Road Forum will be held in Beijing.

22.04.2019 21:00
|  Society

Belarus supports the global strategy for preserving the planet for the next generation. Representatives from various fields join urban greening.

22.04.2019 19:19
|  Sport

On a visit, Tsmoki beat Zielona Gora with a score of 80-78. After the first quarter, Minskers lost by a difference of 10 points.

22.04.2019 19:05
|  Economy

The leaders of Belarus and China have scheduled a meeting during the second Belt and Road Forum in Beijing. A large press conference was held yesterday at the Belarusian embassy in China.

22.04.2019 19:01
|  President

Today, on the initiative of the Russian side, a telephone conversation took place between President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

22.04.2019 19:00
|  Sport

Gold in synchronized jumps went to Vladislav Goncharov and Oleg Ryabtsev, as well as to Maria Maharinskaya and Anna Goncharova.

22.04.2019 15:00
|  Politics

After processing of 99 percent of the votes it was announced that Volodymyr Zelensky has gained 73.21% of the vote. President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko congratulated the winner.

22.04.2019 13:08
|  Economy

The plan for sowing spring crops in the country is completed. Only 1-2 percent of the area is left in  Vitebsk and Grodno regions.

22.04.2019 13:05
|  Society

This will allow expanding transit opportunities for travel from Minsk through Moscow along several dozen routes of partner airlines.

22.04.2019 07:07
|  Culture

The Belarusian  opera music  was performed in  Moscow  as part of the 3rd Dinar Aliyev International Festival of Opera Art.

22.04.2019 07:03
|  Economy

New zones of economic freedom, logistics centers and regular trade routes of the Silk Road will be presented by the Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi at One Belt, One Road forum.

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