20.11.2018 19:22
|  Culture

At the moment, eight contestants have already been on the stage: Armenia, Australia, Azerbaijan, Israel, France, Macedonia, Georgia, Ireland.

20.11.2018 19:04
|  Society

Today, new rules for trade and catering have been published. According to the Ministry of Antimonopoly Regulation and Trade, they correspond to the Decree Nr.

20.11.2018 15:00
|  President

Let the strongest contestant win the competition! With these words, the President addressed today the participants and delegates of Junior Eurovision at the meeting in the Independence Palace.

20.11.2018 14:55
|  Culture

Each Eurovision team spends about 3 hours at Minsk-Arena. The long-awaited run on the stage is preceded by setting up of ear monitors, through which the performer hears his voice during the song.

20.11.2018 13:10
|  Economy

The first batch, over 200 tons, successfully passed through customs clearance and is already on store shelves. By the end of the year they plan to expand the range.

20.11.2018 12:20
|  President

Only the strongest will win, said the President today to the participants and delegates of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest, meeting with them at the Independence Palace.

20.11.2018 12:12
|  Society

This is the task of the World Health Organization. Ways of fighting the disease and access to quality medicines in Eastern Europe and Central Asia were discussed today in Minsk by experts from 15 countries.

20.11.2018 12:04
|  Culture

Literally in an hour the contestants will begin the first rehearsal at the Minsk-Arena. And just a few minutes ago, the rehearsal of the hosts of the final show was over.

20.11.2018 07:13
|  Culture

Today the first rehearsals of participants fr om 20 countries will be held on the stage of the Minsk-Arena. The day before, Euroweek officially opened at BelExpo, wh ere, during the draw, the first and last positions were determined, as well as the number of performances of the host country.

20.11.2018 07:03
|  Society

Today in Ukraine there will be protest actions against customs clearance. Owners of used cars are planning to block traffic in different cities, as well as on highways.

20.11.2018 07:01
|  President

Relations between Belarus and Azerbaijan are moving to a new level. This was confirmed by the Presidents of the two countries yesterday during talks at the Palace of Independence.

19.11.2018 21:15
|  President

The President of Azerbaijan visited the Belarusian capital with an official visit. For Ilham Aliyev, this is already the fifth visit in the history of bilateral relations.

19.11.2018 21:10
|  Culture

The ceremony was held at the exhibition center BelExpo. The start of the Euroweek was given by the general producer of the competition, chairman of Belteleradiocompany Ivan Eismont and show producer Jon Ola Sand.

19.11.2018 19:07
|  Sport

The national team of Belarus has returned today fr om Singapore with three medals of the final stage of the World Cup in swimming.

19.11.2018 19:05
|  Culture

The ceremony began two hours ago at the exhibition center BelExpo. The start of the Euroweek was given by the general producer of the competition, chairman of Belteleradiocompany Ivan Eismont and show producer Jon Ola Sand.

19.11.2018 19:02
|  Economy

Today, for the first time, our country took part in the meeting of the World Trade Organization Committee in Geneva on an equal basis with the member states of this association.

19.11.2018 17:03
|  Culture

The dates have been voiced by the board of directors. Additional events will take place before opening and after closing

19.11.2018 17:01
|  President

All events of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest will officially start after this ceremony. This year the red carpet walk will be longer than usual: a record number of countries take part in the competition.

19.11.2018 15:20
|  Economy

Leninsky district of the capital has signed a cooperation agreement with Chinese city Xining. The large Chinese delegation includes the authorities of the city and leaders of large enterprises.

19.11.2018 15:02
|  President

Belarus is committed to systemic and long-term economic cooperation with Azerbaijan. This was stated by President Alexander Lukashenko at the talks with leader of this country Ilham Aliyev, who is paying an official visit to Belarus.

19.11.2018 15:00
|  Culture

Guests will begin to arrive at the exhibition center BelExpo in an hour. One of the most striking elements of the opening ceremony will be the so-called 3D mapping show.

19.11.2018 13:01
|  President

This was stated by the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko at the talks with the leader of Azerbaijan. The parties are interested in the development of partnership in all areas from transport and logistics to IT-sphere.

19.11.2018 12:05
|  Politics

Early in the morning, the Azerbaijani delegation laid a floral wreath to the Victory monument, a symbolic place of memory.

19.11.2018 12:03
|  Economy

The products of Transcaucasian Republic are represented on the market of Belarus. It represents almost all the major producers of Azerbaijan.

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