25.05.2020 07:18
|  Culture

The main opera and ballet stage of the country today turns 87. For the first time in history, celebrations will be held online.

24.05.2020 22:05
|  Society

Quarantine free movement inside the country and open communication with other states does not mean that nothing is being done to prevent the infection spread from outside.

24.05.2020 22:00
|  Society

Alexander Lukashenko announced a clear strategy of the armed forces. The Belarusian leader looked at the latest models of anti-aircraft missile weapons.

24.05.2020 21:45
|  Society

The President called his assistant and the head of the Ministry of Health into his office to discuss licensing of medical services.

24.05.2020 21:30
|  Politics

EAEC Summit held via video conference On Tuesday, Belarus, as the real Chair of the EAEU and the nominal host of the Supreme Council held a session that could become historic.

24.05.2020 21:10
|  Society

Let us start with the important social decisions made at the beginning of the week by the Head of State. They are all enshrined in the relevant decrees and provide for social support.

22.05.2020 22:00
|  President

The ability to produce high-precision weapons independently, as an element of real sovereignty, economy based on export defense orders.

22.05.2020 21:52
|  Society

The Belarusian health resorts take all measures for safe rest in special conditions. Guests are offered a range of medical services, spa procedures, and sports activities.

22.05.2020 21:38
|  Society

Together with the new system there came special reagents that quickly produce a result. By the way, the analysis for such a test is taken directly at home.

22.05.2020 21:26
|  Society

Many medical institutions in Belarus are re-profiled. We've built a clear rehabilitation system for people with coronavirus.

22.05.2020 19:02
|  Society

The development of the military-industrial complex, the missile and rocket production in Belarus, as well as the latest weapons and military equipment were discussed.

22.05.2020 17:05
|  Society

They will help to make a diagnosis in half an hour. Doctors carry out blood sampling of first-level contacts at their homes.

22.05.2020 15:49
|  Society

4 baby bison were born here in May. Two of them were born at the beginning of the month, and now the birth of bison - twins occurred.

22.05.2020 15:34
|  Society

Eco-activists will clean up rivers and lakes this week. “Clean Reservoir” campaign continues in Minsk Region. It brings together more than 5,000 people in different parts of the country to preserve the natural sites.

22.05.2020 15:30
|  Society

The graduates, who have studied subjects related to agriculture for 2 years in addition to the main educational program. They can enter specialized educational institutions without exams after an interview.

22.05.2020 13:33
|  Society

A conversation about the development of the military-industrial complex, in particular, the missile production in Belarus, as well as inspection of new weapons and military equipment was the goal of the President's visit to Machulishchi.

22.05.2020 13:16
|  Society

The Ministry of Health published the latest data. Almost 13000 patients with confirmed COVID-19 recovered and were discharged from hospitals.

22.05.2020 12:13
|  Motorsport

An equestrian championship is taking place near Minsk these days. In this discipline, one must overcome the obstacle course with maximum accuracy and minimum speed.

22.05.2020 08:08
|  Society

The border guards, together with the International Organization for Migration, have developed reminders for people entering our country with rules of conduct during   the pandemic.

22.05.2020 07:12
|  Society

Several projects of the five-year state program for the development of electric transport are implemented by the Optron enterprise of the Academy of Sciences.

22.05.2020 07:04
|  Society

The Minister of Health Vladimir Karanik and the assistant to the head of state Alexander Kosinets reported on the current situation to the President.

21.05.2020 22:00
|  Economy

The Government has determined the lists of documents and complaints the validity of which will be extended for three months.

21.05.2020 21:54
|  Society

Licensing of medical services and the current epidemic situation in the country was discussed by the President, Minister of Health and Assistant to the Head of State.

21.05.2020 21:26
|  Society

Drivers are waiting for a change. The new version of the Code of Administrative Offences is under discussion these days. Perhaps one of the most discussed topics is changes in traffic rules.