Radio "Belarus"

Radio Belarus International is a part of the National State TV and Radio Company of the Republic of Belarus. Our call sign has been present in the international air since May 11, 1962. Originally our transmissions were aired in Belarusian only. In 1985 we began broadcasting in German, and in 1998 our radio produced its first programs in Russian and English languages. Since 2010, the program began to broadcast in French and Spanish. Since 2013, broadcasting in Chinese became available. In 2017, broadcasting in Arabic started.

Today, the Radio Belarus offers round-the-clock broadcasting in nine languages, available online at our website. Our signal is also broadcast via three satellites: HotBIrd, Galaxy 19 (see the technical parameters here: Apart from that we have FM transmitters in near-border regions of the country:

Brest - 96.4 MHz
Hrodna - 96.9 MHz
Svislach - 100.8 MHz
Heraniony - 99.9 MHz
Braslau - 106.6 MHz
Miadzel - 102.0 MHz

In our programs you’ll find:

news and expert opinions;
opportunity to meet public, political, social and religious figures; scientists, writers and musicians, artists, and athletes;
information about history, culture, and spiritual values of the Belarusian people.

While giving visibility to different aspects of life in our country, we also pay much attention to ordinary Belarusian families with their everyday joys and worries.

In our music programming we prioritize the best of folk, classical and modern Belarusian music.

Radio Belarus International keeps abreast of the changing times using the very latest in equipment and technology. Here the energy of youth and many years of experience meet to forge a creative environment for turning original ideas into successful projects.

Our Radio is a universal source of unbiased information about the Republic of Belarus.