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January 1, 1956 Speaker Tamara Bastun first appealed to viewers in Minsk: "Good evening! Happy New Year! We start our test transmission ...".
Thus began the first year of life of the Belarusian TV. Transmission then took just over 4 million viewers and television center of Minsk was designed for single-program broadcast with an average daily volume of 6 hours and a range of 60 km ...
Беларусь 1
"Belarus 1"

With its rich traditions, Belarus 1 uses the most advanced technologies in TV production and continues exploring and taking into account the interests and needs of its audience. Belarus 1, the country’s main channel, offers the most reliable and current information about the events in the country and abroad; more than 100 film premieres in the new season, feature films of various genres, the most controversial and popular TV series; performance sports, broadcasts of the world’s major sports events and exclusive sports products.

Беларусь 2
"Belarus 2"

Belarus 2 is a Belarusian entertainment channel. Its schedules are dominated by new entertainment shows and educational programs, sitcoms and comedy sketch shows, movie premieres, world cinema masterpieces and major sport events such as the UEFA Champions League, the UEFA Europa League, the KHL, Euro 2016 qualifying football matches and the Biathlon World Cup.

Беларусь 3
"Belarus 3"

Belarus 3 is a channel of the National State TV and Radio Company of the Republic of Belarus aimed at covering the state information policy on the country’s cultural life. The channel’s mission is to present culture as a set of material and intellectual values of the Republic of Belarus in the modern media environment.

Беларусь 4
"Belarus 4"

The idea of creating a regional TV channel Belarus 4 was conceived by Belteleradiocompany and supported by the Ministry of Information and regional executive committees. The new regional television channel is a channel with a single broadcasting network being a platform for all regions of the country under the common title "Belarus 4" and is aired in each of them with the name of the region specified: Belarus 4. Mogilev, Belarus 4. Gomel, Belarus 4. Vitebsk, Belarus 4. Grodno and Belarus 4. Brest.

Беларусь 5
"Belarus 5"

Belarus 5 is the first Belarusian national sports TV channel which provides coverage of the state information policy on the country’s sports life. Belarus 5 is a TV channel aimed at promoting healthy lifestyles in Belarusian society by means of modern media resources.

Беларусь 24
"Belarus 24"

Belarus 24 ( is the first and only international satellite channel of the Republic of Belarus. It provides a 24/7 broadcast service for 270,000,000 foreign viewers from 100 countries. For 10 years, Belarus 24 has been telling the world about the modern-day Belarus.


The NTV-Belarus channel started broadcasting on 4 July, 2006. NTV-Belarus retains the best programmes loved by many NTV viewers. NTV-Belarus tries to adhere to the concept of the NTV channel when choosing formats.

Вещание HD

С 29 на 30 марта 2018 года Белтелерадиокомпания начинает перевод своих телеканалов на вещание в HD-формате. Сейчас заканчивается тестирование закупленного и установленного оборудования для перехода на формат высокой ч

Belarus 1

Belteleradiocompany, 9, Makayonka St., Minsk, 
220807, Belarus
Fax: (+375-17) 267 81 82

Belarus 2

Belteleradiocompany, 9, Makayonka St., Minsk, 
220807, Belarus
Tel: (+375-17) 267 81 82

Belarus 3

Belteleradiocompany, 9, Makayonka St., Minsk, 
220807, Belarus

Belarus 5

Belteleradiocompany, 9, Makayonka St., Minsk, 
220807, Belarus 
Tel: (+375-17) 389 62 17
Fax: (+375-17) 389 62 20

Belarus 24

Belteleradiocompany, 9, Makayonka St., Minsk, 
220807, Belarus 
Tel: (+375-17) 389 61 46
Tel: (+375-17) 389 61 43
Fax: (+375-17) 389 61 45