17.06.2019 21:17
|  Economy

Today, Belarus and Egypt are working on the formation of a business cooperation council. This was announced at a meeting of  the President of Egypt with the Prime Minister of our country.

17.06.2019 19:21
|  Politics

The development of a common agrarian market of Belarus and Russia is hampered by exemptions and restrictions on the supply of products.

17.06.2019 17:01
|  Economy

It was confirmed today in Minsk by the relevant ministers of the two countries. The deepening of integration, including in the agricultural sphere, is in the focus of attention of the parliamentary assembly of the Union State.

17.06.2019 08:07
|  Economy

The Belarusian ambassador to Cairo, Sergei Rachkov, said this to our channel. Due to the reduction of import duties, our products  will find it  easier to conquer the Egyptian market.

14.06.2019 08:16
|  Society

Belarusians will be offered to independently choose a bank for servicing. And financial institutions will be able to open accounts for individuals for free.

13.06.2019 21:21
|  Economy

Establishing productive, effective and comprehensive relations is the task of the experts of the Belarusian and Kazakhstan Strategic Research Institutes.

13.06.2019 15:21
|  Economy

Cooperation was discussed today by representatives of Minsk Regional Executive Committee and the delegation of the Chinese city of Chongqing.

13.06.2019 15:01
|  Economy

Belarus has become a platform of international level. Our country takes a large-scale AFI forum. The organization brings together banks and other specialized institutions in more than 90 developing countries.

13.06.2019 12:09
|  Economy

New offers continue to come after the international exhibition Belagro. For example, Zimbabwe is interested in our technology and educational programs.

11.06.2019 19:10
|  Economy

The damage due to the supply of dirty raw materials was estimated at $ 155 million. The main argument of the Belarusian side is that most of the supply in April was poor quality oil.

10.06.2019 14:55
|  Economy

500 participants from 20 countries will gather at the Great Stone platform for the first regional cooperation and development forum within the framework of the Belt and Road initiative.

09.06.2019 21:21
|  Society

Innovation is one of the areas that are most relevant to business today. All the most successful undertakings of our time are now somehow connected with high technology.

07.06.2019 21:25
|  Economy

The Head of State has visited Naftan today, the leading Belarusian oil refining enterprise. The quality of Belarusian oil products is highly valued in foreign markets.

07.06.2019 07:09
|  Economy

This was announced at a meeting of the working group  of the Belarusian Textile Industry. The concern is responsible for trade cooperation with this Russian region.

06.06.2019 21:01
|  Economy

The competition is a demonstration of the success of domestic breeding. Breeding cows is the hard work of the best specialists in the country allowing to achieve high yields not just by increasing the number of dairy cattle, but by increasing the productivity of the herd.

06.06.2019 15:15
|  Economy

Today is the third day of the international exhibition Belagro. One of the accents of the exposition is the export potential of Belarusian machine-builders in the field of agriculture.

06.06.2019 15:05
|  Sport

The relay Flame of Peace continues to travel around the country. Now the fire of the II European Games is in Gomel. Today's route includes a regional children's hospital.

06.06.2019 13:10
|  Economy

The Russian region is showing interest in small-sized Amkador equipment and Mogilev elevators. A joint project is planned for warranty service.

06.06.2019 07:09
|  Society

One of the highlights of the exhibition is the export potential of  farm machine builders. Minsk Tractor Works presented the first tractor of 500 HP.

05.06.2019 21:12
|  Economy

Prospects and problems of dairy production today were discussed at the international exhibition "Belagro", which takes place near Minsk.

05.06.2019 07:18
|  Economy

The precision farming system is planned to be fully implemented in the agro-industrial complex of Belarus within 5 years

04.06.2019 21:03
|  Economy

A significant event for the Belarusian farmers, Belagro presents all the most interesting achievements of the Belarusian agrarian science.

04.06.2019 19:00
|  Economy

By the volume of foodstuffs per capita, Belarus occupies a leading position among the CIS countries and is among the top five exporters of dairy products.

04.06.2019 15:07
|  Economy

Belarus expects to solve problems in the supply of agricultural products to Russia before the introduction of restrictions.

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