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20.05.2018 20:35
|  Society

Due to special atmosphere and high amount of guests this street was called a Broadway of Minsk. But this week loud music was banned on the street after 23.

20.05.2018 20:21
|  Economy

The economic, tourist and business bridges that have connected China and Belarus are already difficult to withstand bilateral flows between our countries.

20.05.2018 20:12
|  The Main Air

The working schedule of the President during the week included several meetings with diplomats, which precede negotiations at the highest level.

20.05.2018 20:09
|  The Main Air

The formation of a common Eurasian energy market and the prospects for nuclear energy have been discussed in Sochi this week.

20.05.2018 20:07
|  The Main Air

Sochi summit is also a good platform for bilateral meetings. The meeting was preceded by a real negotiating marathon of the presidents.

20.05.2018 20:01
|  Politics

During the President’s visit to Tajikistan, the parties updated the roadmap of cooperation and announced their intention to bring the relations to the level of strategic partnership.

13.05.2018 21:27
|  Culture

The Eurovision Song Contest is famously unpredisctable, and this year was no exception. Belarus did not get in the grand final.

13.05.2018 21:25
|  Politics

In the decoration of streets and squares, we increasingly see the national flags in red and green colors and other symbols of the Belarusian statehood.

13.05.2018 21:14
|  The Main Air

Tomorrow Sochi will become the center of the Eurasian policy. The leaders of Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Russia will discuss the development of integration and the prospects for deepening cooperation in different areas.

13.05.2018 21:10
|  The Main Air

Today it is a major complex for the production of nitrogen fertilizers, ammonia, methanol and other products. The geography of export is 30 countries of the world, but more than half of the output goes to the agricultural organizations of our country.

13.05.2018 21:07
|  The Main Air

The modern history of relations between the two countries is characterized briefly – it is a comprehensive strategic partnership.

13.05.2018 21:03
|  The Main Air

By Alexey Volkov: This week, Belarus marked Victory Day. 9 May is a reminder of the end of a catastrophe that must never happen again.

06.05.2018 21:33
|  The Main Air

But they have already won their major victory in their life, they have overcome cancer and became adults when their peers still playing in the sandbox.

06.05.2018 21:31
|  Sport

The national team of Belarus flew to Copenhagen two days before the tournament, settled in a hotel in the closest proximity to the arena.

06.05.2018 21:29
|  Culture

The main music week of the season begins with a solemn opening ceremony. After the address of the mayor of Lisbon and the opening ceremony the performers are waiting for the second, the most difficult week in Portugal.

06.05.2018 21:15
|  The Main Air

Three dozen journalists came to Belarus for a press tour, visited our "branded" enterprises, historical sites, and met with representatives of the authorities.

06.05.2018 21:13
|  The Main Air

The most important media event of this week was the 22nd international exhibition "Media in Belarus". This year special attention was paid to the support of the regional mass media.

06.05.2018 21:09
|  The Main Air

49 criminal cases following the results of inspections of the agro-industrial complex were announced by the head of the KGB.

06.05.2018 21:05
|  The Main Air

Trade unions monitor prices for basic goods and services throughout the year. People's control is carried out throughout the country without exception - it's almost three hundred stores: both large retail chains, and small convenience stores .

29.04.2018 21:39
|  Society

Thousands of bikers fr om Belarus, Russia, the Baltic States, and Western Europe opened the motor season. The world-famous brand Harley-Davidson organized a large-scale entertainment show.

29.04.2018 21:37
|  Culture

The representative of Belarus at the Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon had his final rehearsal on the main stage. Together with the team of Belteleradiocompany, ALEKSEEV presented his full performance and had a chance to make the final corrections ahead of the general runs.

29.04.2018 21:32
|  Culture

By Olga Davidovich: These days, Lisbon is welcoming the participants and guests of the large-scale musical event in Europe - the Eurovision Song Contest 2018.

29.04.2018 21:12
|  President

The end of April in Belarus is marked by a date that remains a special mark in its history. The anniversary of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant is every time an occasion to assess what has already been done on the affected regions in the south of the country and to think about their prospects.

29.04.2018 21:00
|  Economy

By Alesya Vysotskaya: In the working schedule of the President in April, there are traditionally two important points - the Annual Address to the people and the parliament and a trip to the areas affected by the Chernobyl disaster.

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