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16.09.2018 21:58
|  Society

The motor party closed the season of biking fans. The H.O.G. Rally gathered more than 6 thousand bikers fr om 17 countries.

16.09.2018 21:30
|  Sport

Two-time world champion and bronze medalist of the Olympics in Beijing. Belarusian pentathlete Anastasiya Prokopenko is considered by many specialists one of the contenders for the Olympic medals in Tokyo.

16.09.2018 21:23
|  The Main Air

Social, and in particular medical issues were discussed this week and at the highest level. Until the end of the year all the problems in health care must be resolved.

16.09.2018 21:16
|  The Main Air

One more major international forum, the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe, was held in Minsk in the week.

16.09.2018 21:07
|  Society

The Belarusian capital became a world space center this week. Minsk hosted the 31st International Congress of the Association of Space Flight Participants.

16.09.2018 21:03
|  The Main Air

This was the first full-format dialogue between the leaders of Belarus and Uzbekistan. Alexander Lukashenko and Shavkat Mirziyoyev talked about understandable economic plans - to expand trade, to make cooperation much deeper.

09.09.2018 21:20
|  Society

The legendary Palace of Sports has always been the epicenter of Belarus' sports life. This week the story continued on the City Day.

09.09.2018 21:17
|  Society

Minsk is preparing for a week to become a place of events of a universal scale, The 31st International Congress of the Association of Space Flight Participants.

09.09.2018 21:10
|  The Main Air

Belarusian agrarians continue to harvest the fields. The harvesting the "second bread" - potatoes - is now in full swing

09.09.2018 21:02
|  Economy

This became known from the report of Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei to the President. At the meeting in the Palace of Independence they discussed the development of relations with the Eurasian and European Unions, the schedule of international meetings and, of course, the results of foreign economic activity.

02.09.2018 21:55
|  The Main Air

All recent personnel decisions of the President were emphatically public, frank and motivated. Two new ministers, the head of Belneftekhim Concern, five district-level managers, two directors of the most important industrial plants, and also diplomats and state administrators-only 19 personnel decisions.

02.09.2018 21:28
|  Culture

The Belarusian capital will host the contest for the second time under the slogan Light up. The vocalist led the top-10 national selection with the composition Time and became the undisputed favorite of the audience vote.

02.09.2018 21:12
|  The Main Air

The President reminded the government and governors of the need to support those who have low salaries. This task is under special control and is always in the field of vision of the Head of State.

02.09.2018 21:05
|  Society

Alexander Lukashenko came to congratulate students of Alexandria School Alexander on the Day of Knowledge. Tomorrow, more than a million Belarusian schoolchildren will have the first full-fledged school day.

26.08.2018 22:00
|  President

The President of Belarus told our channel about the nuances of a recent conversation with the Russian leader in an exclusive interview (video).

26.08.2018 21:59
|  Sport

The most progressive athlete of the women's tennis association Aryna won her first WTA title. Now she is the 20th in the world ranking.

26.08.2018 21:48
|  Culture

The world community has united to give a new life to the Belarusian architectural monument of the 17th local city authorities, charitable organizations, historians, scientists have joined their efforts to prevent further destruction of the masterpiece of architecture, the century, the Slonim synagogue.

26.08.2018 21:43
|  Sport

Our main male and female teams are systematically getting ready for the new season. The biathletes have heavy exercises in the mountains in the Italian Alps, at the the border between Austria and Italy at an altitude of 2,052 meters above sea level.

19.08.2018 21:55
|  The Main Air

The cardinal renewal of the composition of the government. Poor development of the economy, red tape, irresponsibility, corruption in certain spheres, and, finally, failure to execute instructions, one of which was the triangle Orsha-Baran-Balbasovo.

19.08.2018 21:45
|  Sport

Olga Mazurenok made a sporting feat last Sunday, winning the gold of the European Championships in marathon. At the 10th kilometer of the distance, our Olga had a nosebleed, but the Belarusian did not leave the race, continued to move towards the cherished goal, and her character, the will to win was rewarded.

19.08.2018 21:35
|  The Main Air

The agrarians have the hottest time coming to an end. Over five million tons has already been threshed on the fields of Belarus.

19.08.2018 21:15
|  The Main Air

As a result of a large-scale presidential inspection - and Alexander Lukashenko visited factories where he was not expected at all - an unsightly picture opened with beautiful wording on paper and no tangible result for those who work at enterprises in reality.

12.08.2018 21:19
|  The Main Air

Such territories now account for 4% of the country's GDP. It is in the FEZ that 13% of Belarusian production and 15% of our exports is concentrated.

12.08.2018 21:08
|  The Main Air

Alexander Lukashenko paid a working visit to Gomel Region and talked to the representatives of local authorities and ordinary people about the development of this region, from economy to the fate of a simple child.

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