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15 November, 1925 saw the formal launch of a radiotelephone broadcasting station in Minsk. On the same day, at 06:30 p.m. the words "You are listening to Minsk!" were broadcast for the first time.

Nationwide radio broadcasting allowed millions of Belarusians to receive information in their native language. The opportunities of radio as a means of education were widely used, with broadcasts featuring musical and literary classics and works by contemporary authors. The first radio station, however, could broadcast within a radius of about 300 kilometers, and the programmes lasted for just 30 minutes a day. Besides, the mass production of radios was not established at the time.

This is how the history of Belarusian radio began. Today it is a modern, highly-technological institution consisting of two national channels and three radio stations. One of the key priorities of Belarusian radio's broadcasting policy is the promotion of national and world culture. This mission is successfully carried out by the Culture Channel.

Since May 1962, regular broadcasts have been available for international audiences. Radio Belarus International's |programmes are aired in 8 languages: Belarusian, Russian, Polish, English, German, French, Spanish, and Chinese. Besides, Radio Belarus International offers live Internet broadcasts.

Belarusian Radio is constantly developing, with the new radio station Radius FM launched on 12 July, 2003. The audience also enjoys listening to the Stolitsa radio station, which covers the life of the Minsk region.

The landmark of Belarusian radio is the First National Channel, the largest radio channel in Belarus. Efficiency and accessibility form the core of its broadcasting priorities. Its broadcast grid is based on the combination of information, thematic and musical programmes targeting listeners aged 35 and older.

On September 1, 2015 First National Channel of the Belarusian Radio starts a new broadcasting season 2015-2016. The main radio of the country will please its fans with long-awaited premieres, new programs and projects.

Information and analytical projects of the channel will be dedicated to the most important socio-political event in the life of the country - presidential elections.

According to chief of the First National Channel of the Belarusian Radio Anton Vasiukevich, from September, 21, to October, 2, 2015 speeches of presidential candidates will be broadcast live in the morning. The programs will also include interviews with the leadership of the Central Commission on Elections and Referendums, reports from the polling stations and interviews with international and domestic observers, political scientists, political analysts, media experts.

On September 6, 2015 the first episode of the weekly journalistic project "Belarus - recent history" will be aired offering a retrospective analysis of the historical path of formation of the young Belarusian state and the basic steps to strengthen our country's place in the geopolitical structure of the world.

A number of new cultural and educational programs will be broadcast in the new season: "Anthology" will present staged reading of short literary works of Belarusian and foreign authors, "Words enlighten our life ..." is a literary and artistic program consisting of short lyrical works of Belarusian poets.

Musical and educational program "Trajectory of sound" will be devoted to the activities of Belarusian professional musicians and music groups with elements of a concert performance in the Big Studio of the Radio House.

Fans of retro music will appreciate the new musical-educational program "Favorite music of past years", dedicated to the works of famous Soviet and foreign authors and artists of the last century.

The program "Be healthy" will teach about healthy lifestyles, disease prevention, innovations in domestic medicine.

Belarusian Radio and the Republican Centre for Hydrometeorology, control of radioactive contamination and environmental monitoring of Ministry of Environment are preparing to premiere a daily informative program "About weather and more" about the peculiarities of the Belarusian climate, atmospheric phenomena, the influence of weather on human activity.

Among the novelties of the season is introduction of additional episodes of the programs "Sport", "Minute of language", "Poster."

The popular show "Greetings, congratulations, wishes!" will now have an interactive SMS-application (broadcast at 18.00).

The First National Channel will organize and conduct the V Republican radio contest "Young Talents of Belarus". On September, 1, the creative team of the project will announce the beginning of acceptance of applications. The anniversary competition will be dedicated to the Year of Youth.

First National Channel of the Belarusian Radio has the widest network of FM / VHF transmitters thus covering the whole country. Moreover, the channel is broadcast in digital standard DVB-T, as well as through wired network in all regional centers of Belarus (about 1,200,000 subscribers).

The channel is also available on the new site from anywhere in the world!

The motto of the main radio station of the country remains the same: "Let's be together!"

Director of the First National Channel of Belarusian Radio is Anton Vasyukevich.

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