02.06.2020 21:34
|  Society

The support of Belarus and China to each other is an important factor in stepping up bilateral relations. Another humanitarian aid was delivered today to Belarus.

02.06.2020 21:31
|  Society

Minsk-Mir complex, a new multifunctional clinical hospital and additional areas for the historical museum - these urban planning projects were discussed by the President at a meeting with the Mayor of Minsk Anatoly Sivak.

02.06.2020 17:02
|  Society

44 255 people with a positive test for COVID-19 were registered over the entire period of the spread of the infection. 562 945 tests were conducted.

02.06.2020 17:01
|  Society

The state will reimburse the parents of disabled children half of the customs duties, when driving the passenger cars. The corresponding decree was signed by the Head of the State to provide additional social support to the certain categories of citizens.

02.06.2020 15:15
|  Sport

Sad news has come from the world of sports. President of the European Olympic Committees Janez Kocijančič died on June 1 after a severe disease.

02.06.2020 15:05
|  Economy

Today, the President discussed the progress in the construction of a large-scale complex of innovative agricultural plants near Rudensk.

02.06.2020 13:04
|  Economy

According to Belneftekhim, the supplies will be provided by ten companies, including Rosneft, Bashneft, Tatneft and Lukoil.

02.06.2020 12:25
|  Economy

Belarus is about to complete the construction of the national bio-technological corporation. The project will bring the Belarusian agro-industrial complex to a new level.

02.06.2020 12:23
|  President

Belarus-Armenia cooperation was discussed by Alexander Lukashenko and Nikol Pashinyan. The leaders had a telephone conversation today.

02.06.2020 12:14
|  Society

IL-76 plane with medical humanitarian aid from China arrived in Belarus. Its total weight is 22 tons. The delivery includes protective equipment and 100 oxygen concentrators.

02.06.2020 12:10
|  Sport

Sad news has come from the world of sports. Janez Kocijančič, a great friend of Belarus and President of the European Olympic Committees, died on June 1 after severe disease.

02.06.2020 08:11
|  Economy

Thus, one of the agricultural enterprises of Nesvizh District has already cut about 70% of grass in its area. Festulolium, alfalfa, ryegrass are removed from the fields.

02.06.2020 07:24
|  Economy

The Collegium of the Eurasian Economic Commission will consider an action plan to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The meeting will also examine several regulatory documents on the application of sanitary, phytosanitary and veterinary measures.

02.06.2020 07:22
|  Culture

Reproductions of the artifacts from the funds of the National History Museum will be placed on 70 spans of Chelyuskintsev Park.

02.06.2020 07:16
|  Economy

Belavtodor became the first company with a state stake in the authorized capital to be listed on the Belarusian Currency and Stock Exchange.

02.06.2020 07:07
|  Society

Modern medical diagnostics will be available anywhere in the country within an hour. To achieve this goal, the Ministry of Health will equip about 18 regional clinics with CT scanners, ultrasound equipment.

02.06.2020 07:04
|  Politics

The President reminded about it once again at the meeting with the KGB Chairman. According to Alexander Lukashenko, nothing unexpected is happening right now.

01.06.2020 22:15
|  Society

Families from ишпcities go to Belarusian villages for quiet recreation and picturesque views. Popular resorts on the lakeshore or small family homesteads - tourists have an opportunity to choose how to spend the long-awaited holiday.

01.06.2020 21:45
|  Society

State security and its key aspects, healthcare, protection of citizens' rights and inviolability of borders, economy, non-interference of external forces in domestic politics, plus a sovereign information space are the topics that the President raised today at a working meeting with the Chairman of the KGB.

01.06.2020 21:35
|  Society

Today, the world is celebrating the Child Protection Day. Every day 206 babies are born in Belarus. Family education and support are among the key national priorities.

01.06.2020 19:10
|  Society

On the International Children's Day, gifts to young Belarusians were presented by the Union of Lawyers. Bicycles, scooters, roller skates and educational games were presented to Minsk Boarding School No.

01.06.2020 15:20
|  Society

Original models for new markets will be produced by MTZ which shifted to "luxury"  brands and new ecological standards meant for export to European Union countries.

01.06.2020 15:07
|  Society

In Belarus, 18 776 patients with a diagnosis of COVID-19 recovered and were discharged from hospitals. Doctors registered 43 403 people with a positive test for coronavirus.

01.06.2020 15:05
|  Society

The money will cover spending on protective equipment and test systems. Hospitals will also be modernized and equipped with tomographs.