1 канал
First channel

15 November, 1925 saw the formal launch of a radiotelephone broadcasting station in Minsk. On the same day, at 06:30 p.m. the words "You are listening to Minsk!" were broadcast for the first time. Nationwide radio broadcasting allowed millions of Belarusians to receive information in their native language.

Радио "Беларусь"
Radio "Belarus"

Radio Belarus International is a part of the National State TV and Radio Company of the Republic of Belarus. Our call sign has been present in the international air since May 11, 1962. Originally our transmissions were aired in Belarusian only.

Канал "Культура"
Channel Culture

The Belarusian Radio Channel Kultura is the first specialized radio station in Belarus. Its main broadcasting language is Belarusian. People who are interested in national and world cultural achievements and want to keep abreast of the latest developments in the world of art are the primary audience of the Channel Kultura.

Радио "Сталіца"
Radio "Stalitsa"

We invite you to visit our new site- www.radiostalica.by! We welcome all the fans of radio "Stolitsa" and those who entered our site by chance. We welcome all unknown friends and hope that our programs really add energy to your mornings, warmth to the afternoons and romance to the evenings.

"Радиус FM"
"Radius FM"

A radio station with BIG potential: • The first FM radio station broadcasting throughout the territory of Belarus. • An extensive broadcasting network (30 transmitters, coverage of more than 90% of the territory of Belarus).