Luxury tractors appear at MTZ

1 June 2020
Original models for new markets will be produced by MTZ which shifted to "luxury"  brands and new ecological standards meant for export to European Union countries. There are great prospects in the most popular model of tractor MTZ-82. It has been produced for almost 40 years. And recently the car has undergone modernization.

Another area is the production of special equipment. This is a machine that transports workers and equipment in mines at great depths. In the future, it will be in demand, for example, at the new enterprises "Belaruskali" in Petrikov and "Slavkali" in  Luban District.

Andrei Gordeychik, Chief Designer for Special Equipment of MTZ: "The machine is designed to deliver the crew to the bottom of the potash mine. It is meant 22 people. The export potential is big,   it can work both in the Russian Federation and in the RB".

The CIS countries are also a strategically important area, not only for exports but also for joint assembly plants. Thus, MTZ opens a new assembly site in the Kazakh city of Kostanay.