Russian journalists visit Dinamo Stadium and High-Tech Park

13 December 2018

A significant contribution to strengthening of the ties of the Union State is made by representatives of the media of both countries. The result of their work is reflected in the news reports and articles. About a hundred journalists from Russian regions are visiting Belarus these days. The press tour of our colleagues on the Belarusian land continues. Today, the guests saw the main arena of the upcoming II European Games - the updated Dinamo Stadium.

Immediately after the tour of the stadium, a press conference was held. The main theme is the II European Games. By the way, the mascot of the forum baby fox Lesik was of particular interest for correspondents today. Journalists were curious why such a huge attention is paid to sport in our country.

The Dinamo Stadium continues preparation for the European Games. Very soon, the arena will have a protective coating that will be used during the opening ceremony.

Many of the Russian journalists managed to write about the course taken in Belarus to build an IT-country. Today they were able to see the center of the digital economy live. The High-Tech Park is an example of successful implementation of IT projects.

A modern security system, which unites 1,200 cameras throughout Minsk, was presented to Russian journalists. By the European Games their number will be increased.

Tomorrow, the guests from Russia will be able to talk about their impressions of their trip to Belarus and ask their questions to Alexander Lukashenko. According to the press service of the President, the Head of State will meet with representatives of the Russian media community on Friday.