More than 200 organ transplants carried out at Minsk Center for Surgery and Transplantology this year

22 May 2019
In the wards of this hospital one can meet patients fr om various countries. For 10 years, the export of services has grown 42 times. Only in 2018 the Center earned 7.5 million dollars.

Director of the Center Oleg Rummo notes that almost all types of transplants are performed here today. Since 2014, our specialists have learned how to carry out complicated lung transplantations. One of the hospital's know-hows is a device that allows you to thoroughly prepare a donor organ to transplantation.

Belarusian surgeons are known far beyond the borders of our country. This year, our doctors conducted 2 first liver transplants in Kazakhstan – to an adult and a child. Belarusian doctors are currently training specialists from Georgia and Armenia. 

Belarusian medicine has recently made a huge step forward. This is evidenced by world rankings. The country carried out modernization of all parts of the health care system. Every year new types of diagnostics are introduced saving thousands of lives. The country does not spare money on such investments in the health of Belarusians. The Head of State made a special emphasis on this in his recent Address to the People and Parliament.

By the middle of 2021, a new 170-bed surgical complex will appear here. This will be a universal hospital, wh ere any interventions from plastic surgery to the most complex multitransplantations will be carried out. 

It is planned to construct a hematology center. However, very soon the residents of small towns will not have to travel to the capital or regional centers in order to transplant a heart or liver. Today the country is developing a new concept for the development of surgical care. In accordance with which inter-district centers for transplantation will be created in each region.