1st in Belarus hybrid heart surgery performed successfully by surgeons of RSPC Cardiology

13 December 2018

The first in our country hybrid heart surgery was successfully performed today by surgeons of the Republican Scientific and Practical Center Cardiology. The new technique allows easing the effects of a heart attack with minimal surgical intervention.

Access to a patient's heart is obtained in two ways - through a puncture in the neck and a small incision in the ribs. As a result, it is possible to reduce the volume of the heart chamber with minimal damage to the tissues, and therefore to remove or completely avoid the need for organ transplantation.

It took Belarusian specialists a year to get ready for this important day. And today an international team of surgeons from Belarus, Russia and the United States performed the surgery.

Special conditions are required for such high-tech interventions. They were created in the X-ray operating room. In the future, there will be more halls for hybrid surgery.

By the way, the Republican Scientific and Practical Center Cardiology has become a training center not only for Belarusian doctors. Experts from Argentina, Italy and Spain came here to learn from their colleagues. In Minsk, hybrid interventions will now be carried out regularly.