Belarusian MFA prepares report on human rights violations in some countries in 2013

10 February 2014

By Yury Kozlov: This is the second report of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry on human rights issues. The first was published one year ago. The 70-page document deals with violations of human rights in 23 countries which imposed sanctions against Belarus for the problems in the field of human rights. Foreign Ministry officials point out that there are no perfect countries. The existing problems should be discussed, and not become the cause for exercising pressure.

Substantial part of violations mentioned in the report has to do with racial discrimination and xenophobia found in almost all the states under consideration.

Publication of such reports is common world practice. Such surveys are prepared by international organizations and foreign ministries of the largest countries - China, Russia, the United States. A unique feature of the Belarusian report is that this document does not contain any conclusions - just the facts: date - event - type of violation. All information has been obtained from public sources, including reputable foreign media, such as Reuters, Associated Press and others.

Analysts of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry emphasize that the official Minsk does not intend to teach anyone and is open for equal dialogue with the West. Indeed, such a dialogue will undoubtedly benefit all participants.

Belarusian diplomats plan to distribute the report through permanent establishments of our country in international organizations. The document is available in full-text on the official Internet site of the MFA of Belarus.