Belarusian Emergency Ministry responds Ukraine’s request in fight against forest fires

25 April 2019
Belarusian rescuers are fulfilling an international mission: two combat crews of the Emergency Ministry crossed the border and started extinguishing forest fire together with their Ukrainian colleagues. This afternoon, a request for help was received from the neighboring country. Help was required for the residents of the village of Drozdyn located less than two kilometers from the border. In accordance with the intergovernmental agreement, our country has responded to the appeal. 

Stolin district continues elimination of a large forest fire. Mi-8 helicopters are involved, they dump water into hard-to-reach areas.

The largest fire is found in the area of the Olman marshes. The flame has spread to 200 hectares there. Dozens of vehicles and more than 130 people are working. During this time, helicopters have dropped more than 500 tons of water.

It was possible to localize a large fire near Privalka on the border with Lithuania: for some time the checkpoint was closed. More than 340 people and 70 pieces of equipment took part in extinguishing the fire.