Results of Investigative Committee’s work reported to President

13 August 2019

Alexander Lukashenko is regularly interested in the results of the activities of the department, which was created as a result of a serious law enforcement reform with one goal - to make the investigation independent and as efficient as possible. This meeting precedes a big discussion about the results of the work of the entire law enforcement system, it can take place next week. 

Ivan Noskevich reported on the investigation of high-profile crimes.

The President was also informed about the progress of the investigation of the explosions of fireworks in Minsk in early July. As a result of the destruction of fireworks, several people were injured. One woman could not be saved due to an extremely rare type of injury. The investigation had several versions.

Ivan Noskevich, Chairman of the Investigative Committee of Belarus: “The investigation showed that the main version is low-quality charges of the fireworks that were used during the salute. Some of them were expired, some were subjected to mechanical treatment before loading. This was proved during the investigation," said Ivan Noskevich. He added that several examinations have been appointed, they are conducted by the State Committee of Forensic Examinations, the National Academy of Sciences, and specialized enterprises.