Products from President’s kitchen garden sent for charity

25 September 2019

Products harvested from the experimental fields, as well as the President's kitchen garden were sent  to the  charity addresses today. The Head of the State presented most of his personal harvest to the sponsored organizations, senior citizens and children.

One of the first destinations is a home for the veterans and disabled people at Vaupshasova Street.

The delicious gifts from the President's fields  include Belarusian potatoes,  honey, pickles and jam, prepared by the President’s cooks, Belarusian melons from Uzbek seeds, Belarusian apples, birch and apple juice. 

Obviously, these people need more attention than anyone else. Next week Belarus will celebrate the Day of Senior Citizens. 

A local mini-farm has already been supplemented with birds, rabbits and goats from the Head of the State household. Today the farm was replenished with 10 more hens of Dutch breeds. That was a memorable day for the local residents.