Brest Fortress Development Foundation to receive a grant from the US State Department

15 September 2014
Brest Fortress Development Foundation won a prestigious tender held by the US State Department. A certificate for 100 USD was handed over today. A group of domestic and international experts was working on the territory of the fortress starting 2013. They revealed over 200,000 sites of historical legacy and processed over 9,000 files from the archives of Poland, Russia, Belarus and Lithuania. Due to the victory in the tender Brest Fortress Development Foundation will be able to continue the research of the territory and fortifications.

Scott Roland, US Chargé d'Affaires in Belarus: This is a worldwide contest. There were applications from Europe, Asia and South America. That is why it is very prestigious for us in Brest to win in it.

Vladimir Orlov, senior head of the project: Inventory and documentation of fortifications of Brest-Litovsk Fortress: Brest Fortress is the largest historical site on the territory of Belarus. Duet to the grant we will be able to work with the fortifications established within 1879-1915.

An electronic data base on Brest Fortress will be created in the future. The materials of the research will be used to create the Atlas of the Fortress, a visual image of the citadel's construction history.