National kayaking and canoeing team was commended in the Palace of Independence

26 November 2019
Тoday,  the national kayaking and canoeing team was commended in the Palace of Independence.  It is a good tradition to honor the merits of those who glorify Belarus in a festive atmosphere. Our rowers are  the most stable and successful national team of the decade.  Such a high result is not only the merit of the athletes and coaches themselves.  A well-structured system continues to work and, most importantly, continues to develop.  The President also noted the effectiveness of such an integrated approach. In addition to the athletes themselves, coaches, teachers and medical workers were noted.  The head coach of the team Vladimir Shantarovich was awarded for outstanding sports achievements, as well as exceptional achievements in the development of the Olympic movement, mass sports and high sports.  The Order of the National Olympic Committee was personally presented by the head of state.  After the solemn part, the athletes and guests of the Palace of Independence continued to communicate with the President. The kayaking and canoeing team really stands out from the rest of the summer Olympic squads. This season the national team in kayaking and canoeing reached the highest achievements at home European games - they won 5 gold medals.  Two months later, there were no equal to our rowers: Belarusians left behind all the world leaders: the national teams of Germany, Hungary, China, Russia and New Zealand.  The result is 14 medals of the World Cup (6 of them are the highest merit), and the first place in the team event.