Alexander Lukashenko awards outstanding Belarusians for talent and work today

17 January 2020
The solemn ceremony turned out to be special and memorable in the Palace of Independence.

The guests were given a tour around the Palace of Independence, where each hall has a story to tell.

Olga Vronskaya, performer and teacher in youth pop theater, was highly touched by the well-deserved title. Everyone understands that efforts for culture, restoration of its sights were not in vain.

Alexander Lukashenko acknowledged that work of artists, scientists, athletes, educators, military people inspires us all to new achievements.

The President expressed gratitude to scientists for doing research contributing to the technological basis of Belarus. Artists create the cultural heritage and gold fund of the country. Athletes with their victories in international competitions allow us to experience an incredible sense of pride. The work of teachers is important for the education of the younger generation. The military people allow us to feel calm and safe in the country. 

The winners admitted that success comes when one works not for the sake of medals and high ranks. The ceremony became a demonstration that professionalism and dedication are always noticed at the state level.