President meets journalists from Ukraine

29 September 2019

The President was very frank and did not avoid any uncomfortable questions, for example, questions about the Crimea. There is no way of returning the peninsula today. 

There were a lot of questions related to the economy. In less than a week the II Forum of Regions of Belarus and Ukraine will start. In Zhytomyr, the Presidents will meet for the first time and will be able to talk deeply and thoroughly in a formal and informal setting. They will discuss big investment projects, for example, cooperation in military-industrial complex, a new transport corridor "the Baltic Sea - the Pripyat - the Dnieper - the Black Sea". 

Belarus and Ukraine have an impressive reserve in all areas of cooperation

And it is based on the sovereignty of our States and national interests. It is in our interests, to build a new economy, trust and projects for the future.  Zhytomyr Forum will be the first big test of the strength of our ties.