Parade in Belarusian capital makes huge resonance worldwide

10 May 2020
And those aren't just words. Judging by the reaction, many people did not fully believe that Belarus would observe this landmark May day. But it couldn't have been otherwise! Probably the most accurate argument we heard from the President last week: "We can't cancel the parade. They were dying for us." And a frank and honest decision to honor the memory of the heroes on the day of victory was news number one for many media. Live broadcast of the Victory Parade from Minsk was watched in more than 80 countries. Among them are Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Israel, Lithuania, Poland, Latvia, Azerbaijan, Moldova, and others. Our parade was also shown by Euronews, the leading international TV channel. Our Victory Parade was also shown by the largest Baltic information portal "Delphi". Belteleradiocompany signal was also broadcast by the European Broadcasting Union to dozens of countries around the world. Throughout the day stories about Minsk parade were published in news programs of various TV channels of the planet. The live broadcast also aroused great interest among the Internet audience. The official website and mobile application of Belteleradiocompany, TV channel Belarus 24, as well as social networks and the YouTube channel currently has more than four hundred thousand hits. Well, under Youtube, the parade version is just an explosion in the commentary. Tens of thousands of reviews, thanks, congratulations, and wishes that still continue to arrive. On the Facebook page, Euronews post with the broadcast of the Belarusian parade has already collected about 35 thousand comments, more than 100 thousand likes - almost 60 thousand users shared the broadcast in their feeds. And the total number of hits is almost four and a half million. Many congratulations on the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory have come to the President of Belarus from the leaders of other states, well-known political and public figures. Besides wishes for peace and prosperity, every telegram contains words of deep gratitude and appreciation to all veterans. Russian President Vladimir Putin was among the first to send congratulations.