Christmas tournament opens sports year

5 January 2020
Christmas tournament opens the sports year in Belarus. Competitions are an integral part of the New Year holidays and, of course, the visiting card of our country. The NHL and KHL stars, real game legends come to Minsk to present a holiday of hockey to all of us. 

Chizhovka Arena is the centerpiece of the ice battles, while the young talents determine the best in the Golden Puck final. 

The Christmas tournament has firmly established the status of an unofficial amateur world championship, the superstars of this game come to Minsk in early January and the number of applications to become participants of the competition is growing every year.

In the first two games, the team of the President has won two victories: at the start of the competition, Belarus defeated the IIHF 11-3, on Saturday the team of the Head of State was stronger than the USA 9-3. In Group A, the hosts have already guaranteed the first place.

The guests from the United States of America were pleasantly surprised by the level of the tournament.

Another side of the unofficial amateur world championship is the charity event "Christmas Tradition". This year it is held for the eighth time: the participants of the tournament attended the family-type orphanages of the capital. The event is organized by the Presidential Sports Club and the Ice Hockey Federation. Apart from gifts, the aid from sponsor organizations amounted to thirty-two thousand Belarusian rubles. Our children gave entertainment programs to the guests of the Ice Hockey House.

The Golden Puck Final for the Prizes of the President of Belarus is held simultaneously with the competitions of adults. Tomorrow these guys will have a master class from the Hockey Legends.

The main game of the competition will be held on Tuesday at 19-00 in Chizhovka Arena.