Rowing team of Belarus awarded with prizes and deserved thanks

26 November 2019
One of the most successful teams of the last decade has arrived in the Palace of Independence - the rowing and canoeing team and the coaching staff. 5 gold medals of the Second European Games, 6 medals of the highest standard at the planetary forum in Hungary - such results are a real pride of Belarus and unforgettable emotions for all of us! Competition is particularly intense right now: sport isn't a competition, it's a war without rules. Political motives are becoming more and more obvious, so every time we have to fight for the victory. It is the victories of our athletes that inspire and unite the nation like nothing else and demonstrate the level of development of the whole state. 

Rowing is one of the most successful sports in Belarus. On the rowing channel in Zaslavl, the hosts of the games won 10 medals. 5 of them were of the highest dignity. 4 awards were won by Marina Litvinchuk alone.

The best representatives of the Belarusian rowing were invited to the official reception with the President of Belarus today.

Vladimir Shantarovich, one of the most successful coaches of Belarus did not hide his emotions in anticipation of the meeting.  The Order of the National Olympic Committee was awarded to Vladimir Shantarovich today.

The medal for labor services was awarded to Mikhail Azemsha, a coach of Gomel State College of Olympic Reserve, as well as to Nikolai Banko, Gennady Galitsky, Marina Litvinchuk and Olga Khudenko. 

The President once again emphasizes that all the conditions have been created in the country to win the medals of the highest dignity at the Olympics. The President also expressed hope that Marina Litvinchuk will continue her career.