Alexander Lukashenko completes his official visit to Tajikistan

16 May 2018

By Natalia Breus: Alexander Lukashenko has completed his official visit to Tajikistan. At the airport, the President of Tajikistan personally saw the Belarusian President off, which once again emphasizes the readiness of the two countries to strengthen the political dialogue, to support each other in the world arena, and to actively build up joint capacities.

Specific steps in this direction have already been taken. For example, a roadmap of bilateral cooperation was signed yesterday. Also, the decision to build a strategic partnership was taken.

Today, another important joint project was officially launched. In Hisor, an assembly production of Belarusian agricultural machinery was officially opened. It is oriented in part to the markets of third countries. On the occasion of the launch of the enterprise, the Presidents opened a memorable sign here. This site in Hisor is expected to become a real industrial cluster.

The production output is expected to be about 500 vehicles a year, but there is an opportunity to expand it in case the demand is grows. At the end of the day, a fifth part of the country's economy is agriculture, and Tajikistan is famous not only for its fruits, but also for cotton. The new production enterprise is an opportunity for local farmers to have quality equipment.

The Belarusian President also stressed the importance of training professionals. Therefore, a training centre for the training of technical specialists of the middle level will be set up on the basis of the assembly enterprise. There are also plans to send people from Tajikistan to Belarus for internships.

All in all, Minsk and Dushanbe are becoming closer, and the roadmap is yet another pledge that promises great prospects. Most important is an open and honest dialogue between the two leaders and between the two countries.

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