President presents state awards to athletes and weightlifting coaches

23 April 2019
The President honored today our weightlifting team, which triumphantly performed at the European Championships in Batumi: 19 awards, two European records, 15 records of Belarus and the second place in the medal standings!

Alexander Lukashenko highly appreciated the work of the athletes, stressing that the bar was raised highly.

Golden medals were taken by Evgeny Tikhontsov, Gennady Laptev, Daria Naumova. The continental forum in Georgia turned out dramatic for us. According to the trainers, the team did not receive three awards due to controversial judicial decisions. The most glaring case is the disallowed attempt by Andrei Aryamnov. The judges deprived the Olympic champion of a new record of Belarus.

The honorary title Honored Master of Sports was awarded to Daria Naumova. The medal For Labor Merit was awarded to Valery Sizenok, Senior Trainer-Teacher of the Republican Center for Olympic Training Stayki. The President’s gratitude was announced to Championship winners Evgeny Tikhontsov, Gennady Laptev, as well as head coach of the Belarusian men's team Viktor Shershukov and head coach of the women's team Valentina Korotkina.