President receives reports from key security officials

31 March 2020
The state of the Armed Forces of Belarus, readiness to promptly respond to external challenges and results of planned exercises in the army were discussed by the President with the State Secretary of the Security Council, the Minister of Defense and the Head of the Main Intelligence Directorate. At the moment NATO exercises are held near the Belarusian borders, and it is important for us to know the situation near our own territory.

The intensity of the exercises was reduced on March 16 due to the complicated epidemiological situation. A number of countries (Germany, Italy, Netherlands) have already refused to conduct the exercise, but there are still no announcements that the exercise has been stopped. Therefore, the planned training of our Armed Forces continues.

The Belarusian army lives and develops in a normal mode. The President was also interested in the state of health of the military servicemen.  According to the Defense Minister, there is not a single case of coronavirus infection in the Belarusian army.