President of Belarus meets with Governor of Karelia

13 December 2018

Belarus offers Karelia supplies of equipment, food and cooperation in the agro-industrial complex.

Promising areas of joint work were discussed today in the Palace of Independence by Alexander Lukashenko and head of this northern Republic Artur Parfenchikov. Belarus and Karelia are ready to create a joint venture for the production of logging equipment. Amkodor will launch two workshops in Petrozavodsk with the local tractor plant. The President of Belarus emphasized that cooperation with Russian regions has always been a priority. The states are connected by thousands of threads. Belarus and Russia have always found solutions on difficult issues on the bilateral agenda. This is important given the interest in common projects in the regions. Moreover, Artur Parfenchikov has Belarusian roots, his father comes from Zhlobin. 

Belarus is ready to assist in the development of agriculture in Karelia and the construction of residential districts turnkey. We are interested in the experience of Petrozavodsk in the fishing industry, and there is an intention not only to purchase finished products, but to take raw materials and process them in our factories. It is planned to increase the total turnover to one hundred million dollars over the next two years.

Nearly 25 thousand our compatriots live in Karelia. This is the third largest nationality in the northern republic. Moreover, a national-cultural autonomy of the Belarusians has been created there, which tries not to lose touch with the Motherland. Therefore, the parties will consider direct flights between Minsk and Petrozavodsk.

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