President of Belarus meets head of Roskosmos

21 January 2020
Space projects were discussed at the Palace of Independence today. Alexander Lukashenko and head of Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin outlined high technologies as the key priority. The meeting participants exchanged views on future and ongoing projects. The joint space research agency of the Academy of Sciences of Belarus and Roscosmos has been operating for 5 years. A dozen enterprises are working in space sphere today. "Peleng" collects special digital lenses and equipment for satellites. The Belarusian space system for remote sensing of the Earth has also been created. It has already brought in about $80 million. The Head of the State proposed to consider various areas of bilateral cooperation in this area, including in the context of national programs.

A guest from the corporation brought a glove of the famous astronaut as a gift.

The operation of the Canopus complex was discussed at the meeting. It helps the Ministry of Emergency Situations and other units to find out the exact coordinates, for example, of fires or other natural disasters due to Belarusian optics. Our microelectronics and equipment are embedded in Russian devices.

Specialists intend to create a joint Earth monitoring system with Russia in the first place and improve equipment and ground infrastructure.