President states that Academy of Public Administration should become top university

18 October 2019
Such issues as the role of the Academy of Public Administration t in the formation of the state apparatus, improving the quality of training in cooperation with HTP and the new law on civil service were discussed today during the large dialogue between the Head of the State and students, teachers of the Academy of Public Administration. This year is a jubilee year for many government agencies. The system of public administration became sustainable and now it is oriented on the sovereignty, the Belarusians well-being and fair attitude to people. 

The Academy of Public Administration under the aegis of the President of the Republic of Belarus has a special status. Studying there means seeing yourself in the leading position.

The names of the graduates of the Academy are widely known throughout the country. They hold the posts in the Presidential Administration, parliamentarian, take part in public administration as the President's team members, become top-managers of giant companies.

The requirements for the specialists in public administration increase every year. Knowledge of foreign languages, crisis management, teamwork, expectations of high results are required from the manager today.

The Academy is divided into 3 institutes: civil service, managerial personnel, theory and practice of public administration research institute. The President's decree defined a new educational structure and the teaching personnel now include the practitioners in the political field. Besides the student's scholarship has been raised.

More than 1000 people became the participants in this dialogue The President not only answered many questions, but asked them himself.

At the 4.5 hour meeting lots of issues were discussed: the economy, the course of the parliamentary campaign , the future of the Eurasian integration. This meeting brought not only impressions, but also inspiration.

The status of the Academy obliges it to many tasks. Everything should correspond to the high-standard image: only the best teachers and students, education not for the sake of personal ambitions.