President's official visit to Georgia strengthens relations between 2 countries

23 March 2018

Qualified personnel should be trained and serve as the basis for development of trade turnover, promotion of close industrial cooperation and large investment projects

Today, the President of Belarus announced this high-level perspective at a meeting with the Prime Minister of Georgia. The talks ended a little over an hour ago and were the continuation of a large-scale package of agreements and initiatives that the leaders of the countries discussed in Tbilisi yesterday. In particular, it is planned to achieve a doubling of turnover to $ 200 million, and to fill the package of contracts with projects in engineering, agriculture and pharmaceuticals. Alexander Lukashenko emphasizes that Belarusian initiatives are met with prompt and comprehensive support from the Georgian side.

The working schedule of the second day of the official visit of the President of Belarus to Georgia is extremely rich. So this morning the Belarusian leader laid a wreath at the memorial to the heroes who fell for the unity of Georgia. Belarus and Georgia are united by a reverent attitude to the history and traditions of serving the Fatherland, which was emphasized by the solemn ceremony.

The Patriarch is one of the most respected and influential public figures. The Head of Belarus stressed the value of the Patriarch's position for the development of Belarusian-Georgian relations and thanked for the possibility of a regular exchange of views.

The Patriarch highly appreciates the contribution of our President to the development of the Belarusian-Georgian relations and expresses the hope that the position of the official Minsk and Alexander Lukashenko personally will help to smooth the contradictions between Georgia and Russia. In his turn, the Head of Belarus stressed the great role of the church in the establishment of a sovereign Georgian state and spoke about the prospects of the two countries.

The Head of State gave a detailed interview for the Georgian television. Alexander Lukashenko counts on the positive development of Belarusian-Russian relations during Vladimir Putin's new presidential term. The President also believes that with the intensification of the dialogue and the presence of a political will on both sides, the relations between official Moscow and Tbilisi can be significantly improved. In addition, Alexander Lukashenko sees Belarus' main mission as a reliable partner in the center of Europe for all countries, including Russia, The European Union, China and Georgia.

The official visit of the Belarusian leader to Georgia has finished. The leader of Georgia personally bade farewell to Alexander Lukashenko at the airport. The leaders warmly communicated and summed up the first results of the visit.