State Security Committee of Belarus is effective and self-sufficient special service of sovereign country

16 December 2017

President Alexander Lukashenko announced this at a solemn meeting in honor of the 100th anniversary of the state security bodies

The KGB solves the most difficult tasks to protect the political and economic interests of Belarus, and actively counteracts encroachments on the constitutional system. The State Security Committee develops practical cooperation with the services of dozens of countries. The geography and intensity of contacts are expanding. This testifies to the recognition by the world community of the important role of Belarus in providing regional and global security. Alexander Lukashenko emphasizes the historical values, professionalism, coordination of the work of the state and special services.

The KGB in Belarus is considered the most elite special structure. Today, special services are facing new challenges. Combating terrorism, corruption, suppression of illegal arms trade. Alexander Lukashenko emphasizes that the important task of state security agencies concerns the economic sector. All scientific secrets, the latest technological developments, strategic facilities (such as the nuclear power plant, chemical enterprises of the country) should be the subject of close attention of the KGB.

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