Alexander Lukashenko holds meeting with representatives of power unit

30 March 2020
The state of affairs in the Armed Forces, readiness to promptly respond to external challenges and the results of planned exercises in the army were discussed today at the Independence Palace. The President received reports from the heads of the key security agencies of the country - the State Secretary of the Security Council, the Minister of Defense and the head of the Main Intelligence Directorate. 

NATO exercises are held near the Belarusian borders. Although they are more modest than originally planned, they are still large-scale. It is important for Belarus to monitor the situation.

There would be no happiness, but unhappiness helped. The massive militarization of Europe has indeed not taken place due to the pandemic and the panic around it. Germany, Italy and the Netherlands simply refused to send troops.

Our military intelligence is certainly more accurate: three NATO operations are in action right now, but major maneuvers were reduced or postponed. 

Pavel Tikhonov, head of the Main Intelligence Directorate, Deputy Chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces of Belarus: "The first stage, the troop transfer, is now complete. The second stage was scheduled for April 22 - May 22, but due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the leadership of the U.S. and the joint armed forces of NATO corrected the plans. Four exercises have already been cancelled, I believe that adjustments will still be made for the active phase of this operation."

Viktor Khrenin, Minister of Defense of Belarus: "The intensity of the exercise was reduced due to the difficult epidemiological situation. A number of countries (Germany, Italy, Netherlands) have already refused to hold it. The United Kingdom is completely withdrawing its forces and resources.