President of Belarus meets with distinguished guests of II European Games in Palace of Independence

21 June 2019
The President has held today an almost marathon distance of confidential meetings in the Palace of Independence. On the eve of the opening ceremony of the II European games, sports as well as trade and economic relations were discussed. Each dialogue was used to the maximum to bring the relationship to an optimal form. All meetings were held in a confidential, almost homely atmosphere. After all, we are waiting for the main ceremony of this day - the opening ceremony at the Dinamo Stadium.

Even before their official start, the European Games spurred our relations with the participating states of the games. Summits are always a powerful incentive for business and partnership.

Salome Zourabichvili’s visit to the Belarusian capital is the first one, but the guest was forced to leave due to the heightened situation in Tbilisi. Alexander Lukashenko expressed the hope that his Georgian colleague will soon find time in her schedule and visit Belarus when the situation in Tbilisi improves. Belarus is still ready to support Georgia and develop a dialogue with it.

Today, Alexander Lukashenko held talks with a delegation from the UK. In the past few years London has become more active in working with the Belarusian government and business. George Hollingbery, Minister of State for Trade Policy of Great Britain, did a lot to promote joint economic projects with our country. Alexander Lukashenko personally thanked him for this. Despite Theresa May’s resignation and Brexit, our trade turnover with Britain exceeded one billion in April, and London holds an honorable second place in direct investment in Belarus - second only to Russia. The official Minsk is counting on more.

In continuation of the sports and political marathon, the Head of State met with the Leader of Serbia. The President insists: Serbia is a special friend for us.

Ramzan Kadyrov will also attend the opening of the II European Games this evening. The head of the Chechen Republic flew in early. This afternoon Alexander Lukashenko presented him with the Order of Friendship of Peoples. The award had been waiting for its owner for almost a year. Belarus and the Chechen Republic are friends, which has been repeatedly confirmed in practice.

The head of the Chechen Republic received the highest award in our country for foreigners for the liberation of Belarusians from Libyan captivity.

The Russian team is called the medal favorite at these games. The head of the Russian government has arrived in Minsk for the opening ceremony. The Belarusian leader started the conversation with sports, but the main issue is deep integration.