House of Representatives adopted amendments to 7 Codes

11 June 2015

By Alexander Smirnov: Judicial and legal reforms have come to the final stage. The House of Representatives adopted amendments to 7 codes in first reading. The main changes will affect criminal proceedings. Cassation system will be replaced by appeals. Some laws were toughened. For example, young hackers will be prosecuted since 14. The changes were also made in the Penal Code, in particular, as far as the crimes against the interests of the State are concerned. In total 11 people were condemned for treason, 4 of them last year. 10 foreign diplomats were announced personas non grata announced.

Another sensational issue is criminal case against the management of Motovelo plant. 6 people were detained, including the top manager of the company. He is charged with abuse of power. Their illegal actions have affected the rights of 3 million shareholders and caused a large-scale damage.

KGB investigators gathered information on the 3 criminal episodes that formed the basis of the criminal case. They revealed withdrawal of capital and equipment abroad. However, it is possible that over time the list of crimes and suspects will enlarge. The KGB has reason to believe that criminal schemes involved officials of state bodies.