Salaries, pensions, housing construction, human health discussed by President and Council of Ministers

14 January 2020
The widest circle of experts was involved in the preparation of this conversation. These are local authorities, law enforcement agencies, and specialized agencies.  The practice of such dialogue with the drafters of legal acts has existed for many years and has shown its effectiveness. The government provides full information on prospective documents, and specific decisions are taken together. The mechanism to exclude unscrupulous forms of intermediacy in state enterprises was proposed. Potentially, this is a new source of money for the real sector and, accordingly, an additional reason to increase workers' wages. Social aspects are of primary interest to Alexander Lukashenko. The Head of State requires an assessment on each issue: how will the decisions made affect a particular person?

During the meeting, they also spoke about the global results of the past year, as well as the most pressing issues related to the supply of raw materials for Belarusian enterprises.