Old palaces restored in Grodno Region

17 September 2019

One of the achievements of Grodno Region is revival of historical heritage. Almost all the castles and palaces preserved in Belarus are located here. The restoration of Mir and Lida castles has already been completed, and the royal residence in Grodno is next in turn. Palace complexes are also being revived. The Royal Castle in Grodno is the pearl of the region

The reconstruction of the residence of the Grand Duke of Lithuania Vytautas has been ongoing for two years. A major task was set to restore the lost walls and towers of the 16th century. Along with the restorers, archaeologists are working at the facility.

Yuri Kiturko, director of the Grodno State Historical and Archaeological Museum: "The remains of wooden buildings of the 14th century were revealed. A lot of things, objects made of iron, ceramics, leather were found. A large number of weapons remains were found."

The entire reconstruction will take place in three stages. Now the work is being completed in the entrance and middle towers, as well as on the southern wall of the castle. The builders literally bit by bit restore the preserved masonry, the rush in this matter is unacceptable.

Another iconic object that is being restored in the region today is  Svyatsk Palace and Park Complex. The residence was built at the end of the 18th century by the Italian architect Giuseppe Sacco. The convenient location near the Augustow Canal allowed to breathe new life into the architectural monument.

Mikhail Bartysh, head of the construction site of Grodnozhilstroy OJSC: “Before starting any construction and installation works, we pay special attention to old wooden and other structures. We carefully remove them, fold them and send them for further restoration.”

Grodno-based  Kolozha Church of the 12th century was restored from wood. To this day, a monument of architecture came in disrepair.

The reconstruction of the ancient Kolozha was completed last year. The builders strengthened the foundation, and the decayed wooden wall was replaced with a new one.

The entire historical center of Grodno is recognized as an architectural monument. Restoration work is also carried out here. The main task is to preserve the unique look of the European city.