10 rescuers of Ministry of Emergency Situations receive awards from hands of 1st vice-premier of Georgia

31 January 2018

10 rescuers of the Ministry of Emergency Situations received awards from the hands of the first vice-premier of Georgia for extinguishing forest fires. Today Dmitry Kumsishvili visited the University of Civil Protection, which professionally trains personnel for the rescue department. 9 specialists were awarded medals for bravery. Chief of aviation of the Ministry of Emergency Situations Tadeush Kustevich and minister Vladimir Vashchenko were awarded with Meritorious Service Medals of the second and first degree, respectively.

By the decision of the Head of State, a Mi-26 helicopter helped to extinguish fires in Georgia in August last year. Belarusian rescuers dropped more than a thousand tons of water over the fire.

During his visit, Dmitry Kumsishvili got acquainted with the infrastructure of the University of Civil Protection. The first vice-premier of Georgia notes the broad opportunities of the university and the prospects for training specialists. Following the meeting, Minister of Emergency Situations of Belarus Vladimir Vashchenko says that it is planned to sign an agreement between the departments of the two countries on cooperation at a higher level. In total, specialists from 48 countries have already passed training courses in the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

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