Internet portal SB.BY becomes 1st officially registered online publication in Belarus

13 December 2018

This day has become a landmark in the media field. The SB.BY Internet portal has become the first officially registered online publication in Belarus. The information platform received the new status after amendments to the Law on Mass Media came into force. From December 1, online media can undergo voluntary state registration at the Ministry of Information. The owner of such a resource will be able to hire journalists who will receive the same rights as employees of traditional media. There are no restrictions on the work of websites and portals that do not wish to register. But in this case, they cannot claim the status of official media.

The network publication SB.BY is part of the Belarus Today Publishing House, but is not an online version of the print publications of the holding. The independent information platform creates additional audio-visual content as well. Daily attendance of the website is about 100-150 thousand readers. The total number of subscribers in social networks is over 60 thousand.


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