"Listapad" closing ceremony to start in couple of hours

8 November 2019
The best films according to "Listapad" will be announced today. The closing ceremony will take place in Moscow theater house. All directors, actors and producers will see the closing film. 

There will be several awards from the audience. The rest of the awards are kept in secret. The jury signed a non-disclosure agreement. The winner of the National Competition is being determined. The film critics, led by Krzysztof Zanussi, watched the last two films this morning. 

19 statuettes will be awarded at the closing ceremony. The names of the best films, roles and directors will be announced soon, and special prizes of the President of Belarus will be presented. All 19 maple leaves with a viewer profile have already been delivered to the theater house. The final rehearsal of the closing ceremony is being held here. This year it was modernized and foreign films will be awarded with beatbox and violin musical accompaniment.

Melodrama "The Invisible Life of Euridice" will be shown as a closing film on the screen of Moscow theater house. The film won in the nomination "Special Look" at the Cannes Film Festival. Some films will be shown tomorrow.