Ashes of Mary Magdalena Radziwill to be reburied in territory of Minsk Church of Holy Trinity

8 February 2018

The ashes of the Belarusian aristocrat Maria Magdalena Radziwill, famous for her patronage activities, in particular, for her support of Belarusian schools and Belarusian-language publications, will be reburied in the territory of the Church of Holy Trinity in Minsk.

The most Belarusian of the Radziwills, as the patron of art was called, passed away in 1945, in Switzerland, but all her life she dreamed of her homeland. Fulfilling the will of Mary Magdalene, her direct descendants brought her grandmother's ashes to Minsk six months ago.

Until recently, the urn with ashes was stored in the Kukhtich Calvinist cathedral in the family estate. Now, the urn is in the Red Church of Minsk, to the right of the altar. On 16 February, the urn with the ashes of Mary Magdalene will be transported to the church of St. Roch and on 17 February the ceremony of its reinterment will be held.