Government sums up socio-economic development

22 May 2019
Exports of goods and services should increase by the end of the first half of the year. Such reference points were outlined today at a meeting of the Council of Ministers on the results of socio-economic development. During 4 months, 6 out of 7 most important parameters of the socio-economic development forecast have been fulfilled. Only export figures lag behind. The volume of deliveries of oil products, trucks, machines for harvesting crops, electrical transformers decreased. But there is a significant increase in the export of services: there is a growth of 30% only in the IT sphere.

Implementation of strategic investment projects will be monitored. The dynamics is positive, but it does not reach the forecast figures so far. In general, Belarus' GDP grew by almost 1.5 percent over the four months of the year. The rate of inflation is kept within the limits of the planned values, the positive balance of foreign trade is ensured. Gold reserves have increased. As of May 1, they amounted to more than 7.5 billion dollars.