Meeting on development of agriculture held in Vitebsk

22 November 2019
Preserving the village and taking people's interests into account when carrying out reforms in the agro-industrial complex of the Vitebsk Region are the main requirements of the Head of the State. 

Senior officials, leaders of the region and districts, directors of agricultural organizations participated in the meeting and expressed their proposals for the reorganization of the agro-industrial complex in the region. The Head of the State carefully studied the innovations, proposed by the government. The draft decree, which was brought up for general discussion today, provides for the creation of a single agricultural super holding, based on existing integration structures. Such an establishment will not solve systemic problems in the agricultural sector of the region. The most pressing issues include poor material and technical base and outflow of personnel.

The position of Alexander Lukashenko is as follows: people should initiate all transformations. Favorable conditions for specialists were created, therefore. That should erase problems with personnel. 

Agricultural output in the region has decreased over 5 years. There are losses in livestock and milk production. The low workload of enterprises has led to underemployment of specialists and downtime of production lines. Export fells. The position of the President is based on the developing of the existing integration structure.

Discussion of the development of the agro-industrial complex in Vitebsk will continue in Minsk. The President scheduled a meeting on this subject for January.