On practical application of digital economy

28 October 2018

The latest technology is a new era of development of each industry. This week, our startup released an interactive map of the farm lands of Europe and the USA and again made us talk about Belarus as an IT country.

Belarusian startups of recent years were highly appreciated by Russian designer Artemy Lebedev. On his Facebook page, he mentioned: all the most interesting technological and design projects of recent years were made in Belarus.

We compete on equal terms with global products. The Eighth Decree signed by the President has become a new stage of development for HTP residents.

Belarus is seriously engaged in digital corridors, given its transit potential, we can increase the revenue. The advantages of the digital economy are quality, speed, performance, transparency and control.

One of the proposals is to create project offices in various areas. It is proposed to finance them from an HTP fund.