Minsk region increases territory of preferential land tenfold

9 August 2018

There will be more territories with preferences to open ones own business. Today, deputies from the Minsk region voted to increase the list of privileged lands tenfold. This is the Decree 345 On the development of trade, catering and consumer services.

It gives the right to entrepreneurs to work in villages for 1 basic unit per month. In small towns legal entities can pay only a profit tax of 6 percent. The list of these lands will be determined by local authorities. The list remains open and can be supplemented taking into account the range of products and the lack of shops, consumer services and catering facilities.

Initially, the Minsk region included in the list of preferential lands only Borisov and Pukhovichi districts. As a result, only 4 new business entities were launched there within half a year. In the Grodno region more than 320 new business entities were registered. 

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