Belarus stands for unified no-barriers energy system within EAEU

2 February 2018

The Eurasian Economic Union should have a unified energy system with no barriers, exceptions and restrictions in trade. This position of Belarus on the EAEU common market was announced today in Almaty, Kazakhstan, where the Eurasian Intergovernmental Council is taking place these days. Belarus’ delegation is headed by Prime Minister Andrei Kobyakov.

Particular attention was paid to the timely implementation of all previous agreements. For example, by 2025 a common oil and gas market is expected to be created as one of the elements of the further prospects of economic integration.

In a narrow format, the prime ministers of Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, and Kyrgyzstan discussed the prospects of the development of the agroindustrial complex, the situation in the food market. They also talked about marking goods in the EAEU and promoting legal production without counterfeiting.

Innovation was discussed today at the forum "Digital agenda in the era of globalization". Andrei Kobyakov told about the steps of Belarus in this direction, noting that Belarus is setting up the most attractive conditions for the work of IT companies and all businesses based on blockchain are legalized and tax-exempt. Belarus defined the digital transformation as a national development priority and consolidated it with the Decree on the development of the digital economy.

Also, bilateral meetings took place in Almaty today. Prospects of the Belarus-Russia cooperation were discussed at a meeting of the prime ministers of the two countries. As Andrei Kobyakov noted, last year demonstrated positive dynamics. At the same time, there is potential for further growth. Readiness to dialogue was confirmed also by Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

Also today, the heads of governments of Belarus and Armenia discussed in a one-on-one format matters of trade and boosting the trade turnover.

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