Radio Belarus and Euskirchen Broadcasting Center: partnership results and prospects

Press Release

International Radio Belarus and the Shortwaveservice (Broadcasting Center Euskirchen, Germany) discuss interaction and prospects for further cooperation at working meeting of two stations heads in Minsk.

"Development of contacts with foreign partners for retransmission of Radio Belarus programmes is one of the important components of our broadcasting policy," said the head of Radio Belarus Valery Radutsky. This allows us to significantly expand the audience, to provide foreign listeners with timely and true information about Belarus with high technical quality".

Shortwaveservice Director Christian Milling, for his part, noted the high demand in Radio Belarus programmes by the foreign audience and expressed his intention to continue fruitful cooperation.

"Listeners in Western Europe should know more about your beautiful country, its culture, history and modernity," said the director of the German radio station. 

Thanks to cooperation with Euskirchen Broadcasting Center, the potential audience of Radio Belarus will increase by 350 million people, as the signal from Shortwaveservice transmitters covers most Western European countries and partly North Africa.

The broadcasting capacities of Shortwaveservice are used to distribute information and analytical content in German, Spanish and French to foreign audience covering the most important international events, the main events in the socio-political, socio-economic and cultural life, development and prospects of cooperation of Belarus with the countries of the European region.

Belarusian and German broadcasters have been cooperating since 2009. In the future, the issue of adding the Radio Belarus programmes in English to the retransmission package is being considered. 

International Radio Belarus has been in the air since 1962. Today, the total daily volume of original broadcasting is 26 hours in nine languages.