Sales and Marketing Division

Sales and Marketing Division

Our Sales and Marketing Division provides the following services:

- placing commercials on TV Channels Belarus 1, Belarus 2, Belarus 3, Belarus 5, NTV-Belarus;

- placing commercials on the First National Channel of Belarusian Radio and radio stations Radius FM, Stolitsa, and Culture;

- placing advertising information on the LED screen on Pobediteley Avenue;

- placing advertising information on the webpage;

- production of audio- and video clips and various types of video production;

- technical services (video shooting, editing, mobile television stations, satellite and terrestrial signal transmission facilities, pavilions, recording studios, etc.);

- realization of rights to television content;

- concert activity of art groups (Beseda Folk Band, the Symphony Orchestra of the National Television and Radio Company of Belarus, and the academic choir);

- services of the School of Television Personnel.

Contact Information: (Sales Department of Sales and Marketing Division)

Tel. /Fax: +375 (17) 389 63 63, +375 (17) 389 60 45, +375 (17) 389 60 44.

Director: Valery Bodnar

+375 29 663 47 95


Deputy Director: Sergei Lashuk.

Deputy Director: Alexey Semenyak.