Liza Misnikova to perform No. 7 at Junior Eurovision 2019

Press release

Representative of Belarus Liza Misnikova was drawn in position 7 to perform her song "Ashen" in the final of Junior Eurovision Song Contest. It was announced after the opening ceremony of the music forum, which took place yesterday in Poland.

Following the results of the draw and the decision of the producers of the project, the young performers will come to the stage of Arena Gliwice on November 24 in the following running order: 1. Australia; 2. France; 3. Russia; 4. Northern Macedonia; 5. Spain; 6. Georgia; 7. Belarus; 8. Malta; 9. Wales; 10. Kazakhstan; 11. Poland; 12. Ireland; 13. Ukraine; 14. The Netherlands; 15. Armenia; 16. Portugal; 17. Italy; 18. Albania; 19. Serbia. On November 18, the opening ceremony of the international song contest was held in Katowice at Silesian Theatre. Liza Misnikova and her ballet appeared on the red carpet in pajamas. Our participant decided to surprise the audience not with a dress fr om a famous designer, but with simplicity and style under the motto: "We're stars, even when we're asleep!"
Also yesterday, a personal video was shot, which will precede the performance of the Belarusian contestant in the final. Liza looks through a telescope and moves to another space, wh ere she rides a bicycle around the local area. Today our participant had the first individual rehearsal on the main stage of the competition, a makeup consultation, a series of interviews with foreign journalists, and a party in the European club in the evening.
Starting from November 22, in accordance with the rules of the international competition, the Belarusians will be able to support Liza Misnikova by voting for the composition "Ashes" on the official website of the song forum Starting from this day, after watching the videos of the contestants' performances, you can choose from three to five favorite performers, including a participant you’re your country. The voting window will close just before the concert on Sunday, November 24, and will reopen when all the songs are performed, but only for 15 minutes.
The show of the seventeenth song contest will start at 18:00, Minsk time. Live broadcast of Junior Eurovision 2019 will be traditionally provided by Belarus 1 TV channel and the international satellite channel Belarus 24, as well as the website of Belteleradiocompany
To learn about the most interesting events of our performer and her team during the Euroweek, you can watch the news on the TV channel Belarus 1 and the program "Morning on Belarusian Radio" on the First National Channel, as well as in social networks of Belarus Eurovision communities.
The organization and preparation of the Belarusian participant for the Junior Eurovision 2019, as well as the broadcast of the song forum is carried out by Belteleradiocompany, as the only member of the European Broadcasting Union in our country.