Junior Eurovision 2018 - time to light new stars!


Press release

Today, the opening ceremony of Junior Eurovision 2018 in Minsk will start the big Euroweek. Belarus 1 and Belarus 24 TV channels, as well as the First Channel of the Belarusian Radio, present the Eurovision daily diaries to the audience

During the whole week, in addition to comfortable living conditions for children and delegations in the capital hotel complex "President-Hotel", "Euro Home" will be organized. This is free space where participants can spend time, make new friends and practice various creative activities.

In addition to traditional events (recording business cards, rehearsals, television filming, press conferences), participants in the forum will have an excursion program. So, on November 22 and 23, the delegations will visit Yanka Kupala State Literary Museum, which uses modern technologies in expositions and knows how to captivate the teenage audience. Museum staff prepared a whole program of activities in English. In the museum, children will try the dishes of national Belarusian cuisine, get acquainted with folk songs and dances, and also create crafts with their own hands that they can take with them.

The long-awaited final concert of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2018 will begin on November 25 at 6 pm in Minsk Arena. Belarus 1 and Belarus 24 TV channels, as well as the website of Belteleradiocompany www.tvr.by and the official website of Junior Eurovision www.junioreurovision.tv will conduct the live broadcast of the song forum. The radio broadcast of the competition will be presented by the hosts of the First Channel of the Belarusian Radio. Georgy Koldun and Andrei Makayenok will comment on the live TV show in LIVE mode, and radio listeners will spend two and a half hours in the company of Victoria Urbanovich and Pavel Lazovik.

All the events of Euroweek can be monitored in the news releases and the “Diaries” of the Junior Eurovision 2018. The “Light up!” Diaries are shown on weekdays at 20.55, and on Sunday at 17.35.